Engraving Options

Custom Engraving Available

Add custom engraving to any cutting board! 

Engraving Prices:

  • 1 - 9 characters - $25
  • 10 - 20 characters - $40
  • > 20 characters custom pricing - call for pricing
  • Costs for adding a logo/image dependent on size of graphic. Must provide a vector file, larger images may be an additional cost.


Does your engraving include a logo/image?

If so, please email the NOLA BOARDS project manager a vector file of this graphic. Vector files have the suffix .ai or .eps.

If you cannot obtain a vector file of the desired graphic, NOLA BOARDS may be able to offer image conversion services for a fee. Please email any relevant files to the project manager along with an explanation of your needs info@nolaboards.com.

How large do you want the engraving?

Please provide the height and/or width of the whole engraving in INCHES. Specify if it is the height or width measurement that you are providing. If you are not sure, please provide any sort of parameters/explanations that are important to you. If there are multiple engravings on one board, please indicate which measurement is for which engraving. Please be as specific as possible.


Would you like the NOLA BOARDS logo?

Only those who are getting custom boards made can choose whether or not they want a NOLA Boards logo. 

Do you want the engraving on face #1 with the NOLA BOARDS logo or on the opposite face (#2) of the board? See below for photo examples. 



If your board has a juice well, please indicate if you would like the engraving on the same or opposite side as the juice well. If it does not have a juice well, please select "Does not have a juice well".

Please note that the NOLA BOARDS logo on signature boards with juice wells will ALWAYS be on the same side as the juice well.



Where on the board would you like the engraving (see below)?

If you would like the engraving on the same side of the board as the NOLA BOARDS logo, please note the placement of our logo is usually in either the bottom right or bottom center.