Countertops FAQ

Chances are we've been asked what's on your mind already. We have compiled this list of our most frequently asked questions.

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Why Wood Countertops

Why choose wood countertops?

Adding wooden countertops to your kitchen or bathroom gives it a sense of warmth, comfort and home. The large variety of woods you can choose from add color and texture to the whole room in a way that no other surface else can.

What type of wood finish should I choose?

We offer two types of finishes. One is our natural finish made of  mineral oil and beeswax, which is what we apply to our line of cutting boards. The natural finish is food safe, allowing you to cut directly on the surface of your countertop. The natural finish involves more upkeep than our other finishing option, polyurethane, and it also has a more natural, hand-finished aesthetic. Polyurethane is very durable and can come in various sheens (matte, gloss, satin, etc.). Polyurethane finishes are great at withstanding wear and tear and are highly recommended for households with small children, as kids tend to test the durability of everything they touch!

How durable are wooden countertops?

Depending on usage, polyurethane finished wooden countertops will last 10-20 years until they will need to be refinished, sometimes much longer. Countertops with the natural oil and wax finish may need re-oiling and waxing every 3-4 months in the beginning to build up a protective layer, and then less frequently after that, depending on usage. This is an easy, DIY process. See what kind of maintenance do wood countertops require in the Care for Wood Countertops section.

Using Wood Countertops

Can I cut directly on the surface of my countertop?

Yes, though only if you select our natural finish option. Polyurethane is NOT food safe and it can be dangerous to ingest. Our natural finish of mineral oil and beeswax is food safe and is how we finish all of the cutting boards we make as well. Bear in mind that cutting on your countertop will cause it the same kind of wear as your cutting board endures, and will require you to periodically oil and wax the surface to maintain the woods natural luster and color. We also suggest occasionally sanding the surface smooth, as needed. We offer refinishing services for a fee, depending on your location.

How do I clean a wood countertop?

For everyday cleaning you can use the same products that you would use on any other wooden surface. Just like your kitchen or dining room table, it is totally fine to clean your wood countertop with disinfectant sprays, soap and water, or even just a wet rag. Be sure to dry off standing water or puddles on the surface of the countertop as anything made of wood (even your household tables) may warp or split if left wet.

Care For Wood Countertops

What kind of maintenance do wood countertops require?

For countertops with our natural finish you will want to re-oil and wax the countertop when it begins to look dull. This will happen more quickly with countertops that are also used as cutting boards. Reapplying the natural finish is as quick and easy as thoroughly scrubbing down and cleaning your dining room table. All it takes is applying a thin layer of mineral oil to the surface followed by a generous coat of a mix of beeswax and mineral oil which is then buffed to a sheen. These products can be purchased at our retail store: MINERAL OIL & LOUISIANA BEESWAX BOARD CONDITIONER .

For a polyurethane finish there is no regular maintenance required.

Installation of Wood Countertops

What should I consider when figuring out installation?

We offer installation services for homes and businesses within the St. Bernard, Orleans and Jefferson Parishes. Otherwise, we suggest hiring an installer or contractor who is familiar with countertop installation. Installation is not complicated and most contractors and handy people will not have a hard time with the process. Please speak with a sales representative for additional resources regarding installation as well as our installation prices.

Can I add custom features to my countertop?

Yes, you can! Have a unique idea? Just let us know. Popular customizations include cutouts for under mount sinks, drop in sinks and integrated stove tops. Other options are draining rivets next to the sink and inset, removable cutting boards designed for ease of use and serious style points. There are so many possibilities with wood, and the only limiting factor is the imagination!